Shopping Season above One Hundred Billion Dollars Is Coming, Are You Ready for It?
August 14,2020

Back-to-school Season is the largest shopping season only second to Christmas in the United States. Moreover, the sales volume in this season keeps increasing year by year. To open the prelude of the peak season in the second half year is an ideal choice.

According to the back-to-school consumption report released by National Retail Federation (NFR) on July 15, the average consumption of families with children in middle schools or high schools was expected to reach US 789.49 Dollars, while the figure for families with university students was expected to reach US 1059.20 Dollars. The report predicted that the total spending in the United States might increase from US 80.7 billion Dollars in the last year to US 101.6 billion Dollars this year.



The figure is sourced from NRF

I. Popular Categories

Although physical shops closed for the reason of COVID-19 have recovered their operation, more than half consumers (55%) expressed that they would still select on-line shopping, which was higher than 49% in the previous year.

In addition, due to the impact of the outbreak of the epidemic disease, shoppers have a stronger budget awareness. According to the survey, the proportion taken by the population planning to spend less than US 500 Dollars increased by 10% to 86%, the proportion taken by the population planning to spend from US 500 Dollars to 999 Dollars was 12%, while only 2% of the population planned to spend more than US 1,000 Dollars. The most popular products include school supplies (82%), clothes and accessories (64%), personal protective and health products (57%), electronic products (38%) and office furniture for education (21%).


As a large number of students participate in on-line courses, the demands in electronic devices for the communication between students and schools witness significant increase. According to the survey data of AdColony Company: the most popular category of products for remote learning include desktop (34%), tablet PC (30%), smart phones (23%) and network conference accessories, like web camera, microphone and earphone (19%). The discovery was consistent with the research of NRF. The family spending on computer equipment this year recorded a rapid growth, promoting an increase of 26% in the family spending in the back-to-school season. As a result, the spending reached a historical high of US 101.6 billion Dollars.


According to the survey, 55% consumers reflected that they purchased products directly on their mobile devices after watching ads, while 76% consumers purchased products under the influence of the relevant publicity of advertisements.

II. Seize the Opportunity

If your product fall into the scope of back-to-school products, in addition to the keywords in relevant fields, you still need a series of marketing strategies to boost your sales volume:

● Create interesting and instructive contents

Create some interesting contents centering on products, which may be pictures or videos. In consideration of the impact of the outbreak, you may put forward some specific suggestions for your targeted audiences, including protection guidance, shopping guidance, etc.

● Take full advantage of social media

Social media may facilitate you in learning about the back-to-school demands of consumers, and see through the real ideas of consumers through interactions. Maintain a high degree of activity in social media platforms, organize competitions, public benefit activities in connection with the outbreak and other activities to interact with fans, prove attention of your brands to them and bring up loyal customers.

● Video advertisement

Currently, short videos are popular around the world. Efforts should be taken on product tutorial, web celebrity endorsement, brand stories and other forms of short videos. In sum, we need to increase the video demonstration coverage, including the exposure on social media, video websites, etc. The importance of short videos is obvious. It should be noted that the contents of such short video should be interesting. As for the promotion of videos, you may leave a message at our backstage to get more details.

The above is the share from Yeahmobi in this issue. The coming of the back-to-school shopping season bring us hope and expectation for the second half year of 2020. As a leader in the overseas promotion of cross-border e-commerce, Yeahmobi hopes to facilitate more cross-border sellers in achieving decisive winning in the shopping season.


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