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Yeahmobi has a young and dynamic team with global vision. We are looking forward to the talented people and hope that we can work together to make the world more connected by mobile Internet technology. In addition, we hope that everyone can find a better self here, a better future career development.


Our Mission :Flatten the world with technology .

Our Values :

  • Dream Driven
  • Customer-oriented
  • Team Work
  • Pursuit Of Perfection

Every employee benefits from Yeahmobi’s welfare system. We care about our employees and actively support with their career planning.

  • Sound Welfare Protection
  • Flexible Working
  • Employee Training
  • Flat Management
  • Operation
    E-commerce OptimizerXian, China
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    - Help customers conduct product marketing and promotion through headline platforms.
    - Develop product promotion strategy and optimize the promotion effect towards to high quality.
    - Be able to collect promotion information of the same industry, make competitive analysis, put forward reasonable promotion suggestions, and be responsible for implementation.
    - Periodically collate and recheck the data

    Post requirements:
    1.An e-commerce optimization personnel with experience in headline platforms is preferred.
    2.Be familiar with products of
    3.Be proficient in EXCEL, PPT and other office software.
    4.Have a good writing ability and active thinking.
    5.Be good at data analysis and familiar with the Internet industry , have good sense of service, a serious and responsible working  attitude and strong ability to resist pressure.
    6.Be good at communication, and have a strong learning ability, team work spirit and positive working attitude.

  • Design
    ACG Art DesignerXian, China
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    - Produce ad material of App products promoted in Japan or related to ACG culture.
    - Be responsible for the production of Google Ads material.
    - Analyze customer products, understand product audiences, produce targeted production material.
    - Understand the material presentation data, and modify the ad material iteratively.
    - Communicate with operation team to understand production requirements.

    - Know and love Japanese ACG culture.
    - Proficient in using video and graphic processing software, such as PS,AE.
    - Be patient and have strong compressive ability to perform continuous testing.
    - CET-4

    Priority conditions:
    1. CET-6 or above is preferred.
    2. Experience in Internet ad or ad design is preferred.
    3. Those who love to make life and game video in daily life are preferred.

    Game Special Effects DesignerXian, China
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    Job descriptions:
    - Be responsible for the study of various types of mobile game materials and play characteristics, and can deeply understand and extract the attraction of each mobile game.
    - Be responsible for creative ideas, special effects design and editing of mobile game video ads.
    - Provide technical support for existing creative and ad content such as visual dynamic processing, special effects adding, post-editing, etc.
    - Maintain smooth communication with the ad optimizer, and adjust the angle of the ad video according to the feedback of the optimizer and the performance of the ad data, so as to improve the effectiveness of the ads.

    Job requirements:
    1. Be proficient in PR, AE, PS and other video editing and production software; Know technical characteristics of 3D software such as maya, 3dmax, C4D and others.
    2. Have at least 1 year working experience in game dynamic visual production or animation, and have good knowledge and ability of game dynamic visual expression.
    3. Have a wide range of professional video knowledge with an independent learning ability and spirit of research.
    4. Have good understanding, communicating and innovative ability, and can work under pressure.
    5. Love games and Internet marketing and understand the characteristics of mobile games and Internet ads.

  • Technology
    Senior JAVA EngineerXian, China
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    - Participate in system building, owner module or system, plan system design and organize team execution for good results.
    - Analyze the shortcomings of the existing system, and put forward and implement the model, design and performance optimization of the system.

    1. Be proficient in programming and JAVA development languages and familiar with JVM, web development.
    2. Have about 4 years of development experience, and be proficient in Java EE related mainstream open source frameworks, such as Spring, iBatis, struts, etc.
    3. Deeply understand the enterprise application design pattern, have a good business modeling ability, and build abstract business model combined with business scenarios.
    4. Be familiar with distributed systems; message middleware, remote call and other core technologies; Experience in the design and development of large distributed, high concurrency, high load, high performance, high availability systems is preferred.
    5. Be familiar with the application of the advanced technology of big data distributed platform, including but are not limited to, hadoop, storm, spark, druid, etc.
    6. Have knowledge of algorithms in data mining, machine learning and other fields, and experience in large search engine, recommendation system and ad system is preferred.
    7. Have experience in high concurrency and big data, or in-depth research on some aspects.


    If you are interested in learning more,we are glad to hear from you.

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