About Facebook, maybe there is some information you do not know!
July 14,2020


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As the largest social platform in the world, it also owns the top three platforms, including Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram, as well as the global active users of above 3 billion. Yes, this is what we know about Facebook.

If you want to improve the participation of Facebook users, enlarge your fans and increase the sales volume, what other information do you need to keep informed?


Q: How many Americans are using Facebook?

A: According to the survey statistics, about 71% Americans are using Facebook, about 38% Americans are using Instagram and 23% Americans are using Twitter. The proportions are relatively higher than those of other platforms.

Q: What about the gender distribution of Facebook users?

A: In comparison with men, more women are using Facebook. One survey of Pew Research Center discovered that about 75% women are using Facebook, whole the proportion of male users is only 63%.


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Q: Which user populations show increasing interest in Facebook?

A: In 2015, about 71% American teenagers were active in Facebook, while this proportion declined to 51% in 2020.About 25% of the Facebook users are at the age from 25 to 34, which is also the age bracket of users using Facebook most frequently.On the other aspect, senior citizens are the user population with the rapidest growth on Facebook.

Q: What about the popularity of Facebook in rural areas?

A: Three quarters of Facebook users in America are living in cities. However, it does not indicate that Facebook is not popular in rural areas. In fact, 66% adults in rural areas are using Facebook. YouTube (64%) and Pinterest (26%) are also very popular in rural areas.

Q: What about the distribution of Facebook users?

A: Globally, most Facebook users are living outside of America and Canada. About 15.9% Facebook are dwelling in Europe, while the proportion taken by users in America is only 10.1%. The proportion taken by users in Asia is as high as 41.5%. Indonesia, India and Philippine are countries with rapidest growth rate in the users of Facebook accounts. India owns the largest user size of Facebook.


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Q: About language of Facebook users

A: Only half of Facebook users speak English, and more than half of Facebook accounts are in languages other than English. The convenience in the language setting is contributed by the availability of more than 100 languages in Facebook.

Q: How long will users spend on Facebook?

A: Three quarters Facebook will visit this website in each day. The daily average time spent on Facebook is 58 minutes. However, the long duration of 58 minutes does not mean that users will spend such a long time to analyze each post in Feed.

In fact, normal users only stay about 1.7 seconds on single content. Therefore, our advertising material needs to catch attention of users within several seconds.

In addition, Facebook users are most active in 8:00 in the morning and 10:00 in the evening. If you would like to launch your marketing campaign on Facebook, it is recommended to release some posts in the morning and evening.

Q: How many enterprises are using Facebook marketing?

A: According to our survey, about 87.1% marketing personnel in America in 2020 used Facebook for their marketing activities, and about 900,000 small enterprises organized marketing activities on Facebook. The “Story” function in Facebook has already been applied into marketing. About 57% brands discovered its exceptional performance in promoting their products and services.

According to another survey, 26% of Facebook users with advertisement clicking experiences expressed that that had purchased relevant products of advertisements. 44% consumers confessed that their shopping behaviors had been influenced by Facebook.

39% users had positive regard on gifts, activities &contests and brands with favorable price in the website of Facebook.

The above are information about Facebook that you must know. Hope it could facilitate you to organize your marketing campaign through Facebook with a well-target manner.

From such information, we could understand that successful marketing in Facebook needs the support of high-quality products and attractive material contents. Attraction refers to that users can not help to click or participate in the interactions, including eye-catching feature of the topics and expression forms, excellence in the graphic details, etc.

With the in-depth understanding about the importance of the material contents, Yeahmobi has developed a professional advertising creative platform with the technical idea of “Data Boosts Creativity and Tools Simplify the Work”. The platform could facilitate search engine optimizer to inspire their creative ideas, accelerate the output of advertising materials, improve the advertising efficiency and promote the ROI of advertising.

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