Yeahmobi will attend Affiliate World Asia 2017 as Diamond sponsor! Phil Schoeffmann of AW conference team had a chat with our Head of International Business, Daisy Wu. Read on to learn about how Yeahmobi can help you!


Hi Daisy! Please introduce Yeahmobi.

Yeahmobi is based in China. We are a performance-based mobile advertising agency founded in 2011. Mainly, we help app developers on advertising and monetisation. Our vision is to flatten the world with technology – and for us this means trying to bridge China and the Western world. We help Chinese developers expand globally and, likewise, Western developers to enter the Chinese market.

What is your USP compared to other players in the market. Why should affiliates work with you, one of the 800 pound gorillas in this market?

Our USP to advertisers and affiliates are different. For our advertisers, our USP is more technology-focused and that we know the market very well. As for affiliates, we have extensive offers from China and internationally. We’ve been trying to cover more verticals. We have a lot of offers on mobile content and just this year, we’ve entered the nutra business.

Maintaining a good relationship with our affiliates is very important to us. We listen to their needs and try to give them as much help as we can.

That’s great! You mentioned that you started in 2011. Being in this business for 6 years, I think you’ve seen quite a lot. Can you share the story of Yeahmobi and how you became such a big player?

Our founder, Peter, started the company “YeahCPA” when he was studying in the US. He entered the business because he got involved in PPC marketing. He worked as an affiliate on CPS offers and then before graduating, he wanted to set up a company and introduce affiliate marketing to China where at the time, there was none. China, being so big, was its own unique market. He therefore saw an opportunity there. Peter founded the company along with two others. It ended up being the first company to do affiliate marketing in China. It’s doing extremely well and is constantly growing every year.

What do you think is the biggest news about Yeahmobi since our last conference in Berlin? Is there anything major or anything that will happen before Bangkok?

For affiliates, the big news is that we’ve expanded into the nutra business and that’s including free trial and cash-on-delivery. We also expanded into the lead generation business.

What kind of leads are you focusing on? What kind of verticals or industries?

Currently, we are building our own survey and sweepstakes campaigns. In the next 6 months to 1 year, we will be going to certain verticals like finance or insurance.

It’s interesting to see how you broaden your scope, it’s amazing. Speaking of affiliates, who would be your perfect affiliate, who should absolutely approach you right away or at the conference in Bangkok?

All affiliates are welcome but those with experience are preferred.

What would be one tip you want to give affiliates?

I think my tip would be to try and cover different verticals, and be experts in them. Also, follow-up with the market because it’s always changing.

And what tip would you give your competition?

We are coming! For every new vertical we’re entering, our target is to be #1 or at least the top 3. So, be ready.

Yeahmobi is hosting the AWA afterparty! This is the official closing party of the conference to be held on the evening of 7 December 2017 at the Lotus Garden (Level 22, Centara Grand). Enjoy free drinks and music while partying over the beautiful Bangkok skyline. See you there!