We are driven by Innovation, developing Proprietary Technology for Native Mobile Advertising

Two of the major products include: Mana that integrates thoroughly native ad resources, and Prime – the service platform that lets in and optimizes large volumes of native ads.

Four Core Technology Engines

1Customizable Native Launch Engine

The engine divides the ad launch process into three stages: decision making, assembling, and rendering. By flexible control of the assembling template and the rendering process on the media end, the engine completely separates the decision making and the display processes, resulting in a flexible assembly and implementation of smart SDK. The media integrated into the SDK doesn’t need to be upgraded to be able to adjust ad formats at any time. The engine can also customize best monetizing channels for each app, and effectively improve ROI.


2Intelligent Contextualization and Matching Engine

Contextualization is the future of native advertising and the entire Ad-Tech industry. Yeahmobi has built a complete large-scale user data system, reaching over 2 billion mobile users globally. Leveraging this big data, our Matching Engine can thoroughly comprehend user contextualization, and can therefore guide ad matching for intelligent scene understanding and contextualization.

intelligent scene match

Leveraging our big data platform to analyze location based user behavior, we could conclude that users who dine at Wanda Plaza at 6 p.m. are very likely to go watch a movie at the nearby Wanda Cinema at 8 p.m. Therefore we would push a lifestyle app to users around Wanda Plaza, offering movie coupons.

In addition, the platform could conclude that after 10 p.m., many users need taxis when the movie is over and we could push a taxi-booking app at the time.

3Cross-platform Supply Integration Engine

Yeahmobi connects with global premium supply channels through various protocols (including API, RTB and others), and provides a one-stop programmatic buying platform with the ability to reach up to 75% of the world’s mobile users. We integrate all premium traffic sources with our own private channels into one platform, to provide effective tools for advertisers to buy traffic.

One-stop Buying Platform

Automated Inventory Matching
Intelligent Budget Distribution
Effective Creative Optimization

4Retargeting and Re-engagement Engine

Using precise user profiling and dynamic creative optimization technology, Yeahmobi provides a comprehensive retargeting product for e-commerce and gaming advertisers. The service helps to activate users who installed but didn’t use the app, and drives reinstallation within users who had uninstalled it.

An engaged card game user playing his second card game tends to decrease his playing time from several hours per day to cumulative 30 minutes every 2-3 days, after collecting 90% of the cards available.

Based on the above data, we have retargeted this user on gamer communities and social media and pushed video ads promoting social playing features within the game.

The social engagement led the user to increase his playing time for additional two months.

Based on an analytical calculation of the transition period the user had between playing his first and second games, after two weeks period the system suggested a new card game to this user as well as to his game-buddies from the second game. The initial social engagement maximized the life span of the user within the third game.