If we use one word to summarize Yeahmobi’s year 2015, it should be “depth”. In 2014, we focused on “width”. We spread our name and service afar, to help hundreds of thousands of companies cave the way to the world market. This year, we deepen our service by opening more platforms and product lines, to generate a better result for our customers.

This year, you probably saw us in various conferences and summits. We were there to promote our understanding on mobile marketing, facilitate app developers’ ambition to compete in a bigger market, and turn their hard work to revenues. We participated in Game Developer Conference, China Joy, ad:tech, Gamebeat, Affiliate World Asia, and many others. Yeahmobi worked hard to become a vibrant player at those events, among all app developers, mobile marketers and publishers.


To realize our promises to customers, we made a further step on platform utility. Our native ads platform went online in April this year. Native ads have demonstrated its deep user engagement power, and its effectiveness is widely recognized. Yeahmobi added this platform to affiliate network, DSP, media buy and other product lines, so that customers can employ this convenient tool to have a comprehensive campaign.


In a bid to deepen marketing concepts, and provide a way for Chinese apps go abroad, we also conducted several app developer salons around China. Our footsteps reached Beijing, Xiamen, and Xi’an where mobile internet businesses are booming. Yeahmobi’s talk was enthusiastically received by industry players in each of the places, and let audiences get better understanding on marketing their mobile businesses.


In recognition of our hard work, we won several awards. The most significant ones are Google’s “The Best Mobile Service Premier Partner Award” and “The Most Fast-growing Premier Partner Award”. We were very proud to receive these from one of our important partners, and the affirmation certainly spoke aloud of Yeahmobi’s achievement in this year.


In addition, we were entitled as “The Best Overseas Mobile Marketing Channel” by AndroidWorld, and we ranked at top 10 in Q3 in Mobile Marketing Index listed by Appsflyer, the international mobile advertising evaluation platform. These marketing effect evaluations explained Yeahmobi’s internationally practical marketing efforts.


Most importantly, Yeahmobi changed its logo this year, to give ourselves a brand refresh, to battle strong wind like a firebird as our new logo symbolized. Like this firebird, Yeahmobi will certainly go steadily forward, against obstacles and look into a bright future ahead.