GamesBeat 2015– the seventh annual event on disruption in the gaming industry – is coming up on October 12 – 13 in San Francisco. The event brings together over 500 leading figures in the gaming industry for two days of fireside chats, breakout sessions, and networking.

GamesBeat San Frans 2015

GamesBeat 2015 has a big focus on diversity and gaming’s women leaders. They’ll have more women speakers than ever before at GamesBeat 2015, and the topic of diversity will come up often. 17 all-star women are considered to be one of the attractions that will make this conference unique and a must-attend event for industry leaders. Shirley Lin, head of business development at YeahMobi,as one of the 17 all-star speakers, joins a panel on how to crack into the Asian markets.

July 13rd Yeahmobi overseas team at MobileBeat

July 13rd Yeahmobi overseas team at MobileBeat

GamesBeat 2015 is VentureBeat’s seventh annual event on disruption in the video game market. The event gathers top executives, investors, analysts and entrepreneurs from the hottest companies to explore the gaming industry’s latest trends and newest monetization opportunities.

This year’s theme is “Game of Thrones.” Gaming has many kingdoms: mobile, console, PC online, geographic, and more. In each of these powerful realms, companies are fighting to grow fast. At GamesBeat 2015, they will dissect how these kings and queens are battling for gaming supremacy and growth. You’ll find out who’s leading and how they are winning.