The sixth China Cross-Border E-commerce Conference was held recently in Shenzhen, China. Yeahmobi was named the “Best Cross-Border E-commerce Marketing Service Provider” by the conference. The conference gathered hundreds of Chinese cross-border e-commerce related enterprises. As an internationalization solution provider, Yeahmobi attended the conference and won the award with its outstanding service.

The CCBE conference takes “small and beautiful, the next golden decade” as its theme, and focuses on medium and small-sized e-commerce enterprises in China, which the conference vows, will be the major players in cross-border e-commerce market in the next ten years.


Yeahmobi’s cross-border e-commerce marketing director Chen Jian addressed the conference, and shared his opinion on the “golden decade”. He said, small and beautiful is the inevitable business trend in the coming years. “Small” indicates differentiated competition, re-definition, market segment, product innovation, and flat organizational structure to ensure coordination and distribution of responsibility, attention and focus. “Beautiful”, on the other hand, means profit ratio, market share, etc. It is a goal of all business, and everyone’s pursuit in cross-border business conduct.


Therefore, for cross-border e-commerce startups, Chen offered his advises: 1. Identify market segment, ensure precise marketing toward targeted customers. 2. In order to have a more efficient team, adopt a flat management structure. 3. Collaborate and cooperate in larger scale, and work together toward the goal.

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Last year, Yeahmobi has already provided cross-border marketing solutions for top ten e-commerce platforms and independent sites in China, and gained their approval. Yeahmobi’s efforts were recognized by the CCBE and Yeahmobi was named as “Outstanding Cooperation Partner” and the “Best Cross-Border E-commerce Marketing Service Provider”.



Yeahmobi, as the intelligent enterprise internationalization platform, deploys mobile marketing, vertical solution, financial service and other means to realize enterprises’ expansion overseas. Cross-border e-commerce is an important market segment in enterprise internationalization. Yeahmobi will strive to provide even better service through upgrading technological products, innovating business models, and nurturing excellent professionals, to facilitate Chinese brands’ move toward the global market.