On August 2, Google AdWords Experience Center in Xi’an is officially opened, with the joint efforts of Yeahmobi and Google. This is the first authorized Google AdWords Experience Center in northwestern part of China. It will provide comprehensive support for cross-border enterprise in northwest China, and help enterprises familiarize the operational principles in Internet era, and in the trend of globalization.


Google’s Managing Director of Global Channel Sales, Todd Rowe, Member of Standing Committee of Xi’an Municipal Government and Party Secretary of Gaoxin District, Zhao Hongzhuan, CEO of Yeahmobi, Peter Zou, representatives from foreign trade companies, and other guests participated the ceremony.


Yeahmobi’s CEO Peter Zou addressed the participants and said, “Along with the development of the Internet, China’s economy has been on the same front line, or even surpassed some developed countries in many aspects. Among top 20 ecommerce enterprises operating in the US, seven of them are Chinese companies. We do believe Chinese enterprises stand a great chance in global competition, as long as they take on this venture. ”

Google is the biggest Internet company in the world, and has an absolute advantage in global ad search service. Yeahmobi is a leading enterprise internationalization platform, with global coverage in over 200 countries and regions. Together, the two companies will strive to promote more successful products or service of enterprises in Shaanxi to overseas market.


Todd also said, “For the next step, the Experience Center will continue to provide overseas marketing solutions, and at the same time, make use of Google’s internationalization platform, to help clients learn trade dynamics and successful cases in global market. The Center will also sponsor series of overseas marketing training forum and experience sharing activities, to give a clearer picture of marketing on the Internet aiming to enlarge export volume, opening up overseas market, and bringing outstanding product, service, culture, tourist attractions of Shaanxi to the whole world.”

During the trial operation of the Experience Center, several foreign trade enterprises have already reached initial agreement to cooperate with Google AdWords Xi’an Experience Center.

Address of the Center: Block A, Yiling Square, Xi’an Software Park, Gaoxin District, Xi’an, Shaanxi.