Yeahmobi, China’s performance marketing service provider and enterprise internationalization platform, is to hold a training session sponsored by Ministry of Science and Technology of China. The training session features online advertising and marketing courses for technical staff in developing countries outside of China.

The aim of the training session is to introduce China’s advanced experience and achievements in the field of global mobile Internet and help trainees master the advanced technology of global mobile advertising and marketing, operational advertising experience, and business development capacity.

The session will start from Aug 20 to Sep 8, 2016, in Xi’an, China, in forms of centralized training, lecture, seminar, visits, etc. All the expenses during the course will be covered.

The International S&T Training Program has been conducted for many years, covering all fields like textile, medicine, agriculture, and administration. The program had many graduates who became technician and expert in their home country.

Yeahmobi is a mobile internet performance marketing company. Since the establishment, the company has been focusing on its core business in global mobile Internet, and aiming to provide performance-oriented mobile advertising solution.

Rose Dang, Marketing Director of Yeahmobi, said, “Yeahmobi is proud and willing to take this responsibility to train foreign applicants. It is the recognition of Yeahmobi’s strength in China’s mobile marketing field. We do have the confidence to train professional personnel to facilitate development on mobile marketing around the globe.”

Earlier this year, Yeahmobi listed on China’s NEEQ stock market, and revealed their ambition to expand to Indian market. In addition to original mobile marketing service, the company showed interest in startups in Internet finance, ecommerce, edu tech, healthcare and other fields.

Jessica Wong, Investment Director of Yeahmobi expressed her expectation on the training program, “we welcome Indian professionals to take part in this training scheme. It will be very beneficial to Indian’s progress in mobile marketing field. Talents will form a vigorous force to push forward industry advancement. Along with these talents and our partners in Indian, Yeahmobi will be able to further our mobile marketing service, as well as investment in the country.”

Enrollment information

Content: Mobile marketing and advertising technology

Location: Xi’an, China

Date: August 20 – September 8, 2016

Duration: 20 days

Language: English

Regions: The enrollment is for the following regions: Asia, Africa, Latin America, other developing countries and the CIS, Eastern European countries.

Enrollment scope: Officials from Internet management departments and Internet operations departments, managers working in the Internet field and related fields.

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