Why Holiday Season Is The New Race App Developers Have To Run

The Christmas holiday has just passed, and after this heartwarming and affectionate time, as mobile marketer or app developer, what should we see? Well, after reading some eye-catching news regarding mobile industry, it is fair to say, in the future, holiday season will be a fierce race that app developers and mobile marketers should strive to attend.

First of all, there is a piece of news worth noticing. Apple revealed that during the holiday season, customer spending in app store reached a record height. Within the two weeks leading up to January 3, consumers spent $ 1.1 billion on apps – including downloading and in-app purchasing – for iPhone, iPad, Mac, Apple Watch and App TV. New Year’s Day was the single biggest day in the App Store history. Spending on that day broke the record created just a few days ago on Christmas Day with an astounding $144 million.

This tide of craze is owe to several reasons. The first is the thousands of Apple products wrapped in gift box. After customers switching on new device, the next step ahead should be install apps they like, they are recommended, or simply those on the top list.

Every year, the App Store also takes a vacation at the year end and goes through a period of freeze. During this time period, it will not accept any updates or new app launch. And most importantly, rankings in it do not move at all during this period. Those apps stepped on top of the App Store just before holiday freeze took a big advantage. So some time before Christmas holiday, it is a good tactic to start a campaign to further push your app on ranking list. This should be done on a good timing as well, the nearer to the holiday, the higher the price for a good campaign arrangement.

The second reason is, holiday is the time people like to slouch cozily around mantelpiece, play games, social, exchange ideas on good apps, and in general, spending. Simple as that.

And, let’s not forget about big sales before Christmas. The passing year 2015 witnessed several biggest in history. Cyber Monday last year was the biggest e-commerce sales day ever in America. On that day, online orders totaled $3.07 billion. More than ever, customers were prone to browse shopping list on their mobile devices, with about $799 million of online sales coming from a smartphone or tablet.

At that time, offline retailers also want to give shoppers a new reason to use mobile apps. Some outlets promoted their own apps before sales, and provided a guide for shoppers to go through products in stores. People could know through apps, what products are in stock and what price it is in a particular store. Through this way, retailers have more chances to catch a chunk of shopping spending, and win back consumers.

The next obvious and laughable reason is, New Year is the time when people make resolution. Though the two things seem distant apart, actually New Year is the time health and fitness apps boom. Leading a healthy and fit lifestyle is already an idea rooted in people’s mind. Thus, now more people add body building goals in their New Year plan. Since 2011, health and fitness apps began to grow steadily. In two years from now on, it is predicted that 50% of all smartphone users will have at least one health or fitness app in their phones. So if you are a person who aware of your fitness in the coming year, why not start from now. For the same reason, it is predictable that apps in some other categories, like education, reading, time management, and so on, will also stand a good change at the beginning of a year.

After explanation above, have you started to seriously consider add a pre-holiday campaign on app marketing plan? Welcome to fight along with us in this competitive battle field!