twitter-logoTwitter’s outstanding ability to drive app downloads is attracting Chinese mobile game and app business. Twitter spoke about the platform’s users at ChinaJoy in Shanghai last week, saying how 30% of users download the games that they see advertised. Twitter describes its tweeters as highly intelligent, financially resourceful, curious for new products and games and keen to share.

Big international social media and search platforms are important channels for user acquisition. Twitter’s Business Director for the Greater China Region, Alan Lan, spoke at ChinaJoy, saying that their platform has just the right users for Chinese mobile businesses. He said that 58% of Twitter users have downloaded a new app, the majority being games, 37% of users have downloaded paid games and 27% have made in-game purchases.

Twitter’s talks at ChinaJoy were significant for the development of connections with big Chinese businesses looking to appeal to international audiences. It’s clear that Twitter is looking to boost business by digging into the huge Chinese games market that is set to generate $22.2 billion in 2015. As China’s domestic games market grows, those same domestic publishers are wanting more and more to go bigger by going overseas. And they’ll have large budgets to do so as was clear from all the excitement at ChinaJoy.

ChinaJoy is one of the world’s largest gaming industry get-togethers. It’s a great opportunity for developers to promote new products, marketers to make deals and business leaders to discuss the latest industry trend. The event is also uniquely Chinese, and can provide the world with a keen insight into what the Chinese games market is doing.

Crowds from ChinaJoy arriving at the Expo, which attracts 250,000 visitors

(Crowds from ChinaJoy arriving at the Expo, which attracts 250,000 visitors)

And this year Chinese developers were strongly focused on going overseas. At an event hosted by YeahMobi, Twitter’s Business Director for Greater China Region spoke of how Twitter was proving its ability to help Chinese business go big.

China has its own unique social networks and advertising platforms, like Baidu, Weibo and QQ. International platforms like Twitter, Facebook and Google generally can’t be accessed within the country. For many app and games developers, from big to small, going international can be a headache due to the lack of access to the international platforms and the lack of familiarity with them.

Companies like Twitter are focused on building channels that help mobile games companies acquire users across the world. There is also growing support from mobile marketing companies like YeahMobi that specialize in optimizing international user acquisition campaigns across multiple marketing channels.