With the advancement of public media, video ad has stepped onto an important position in ordinary life of people, therefore more attention were paid on to it by marketers. Zenith’s report indicates that currently, video advertising represents almost 17% of online ad expenditure in the US. Facebook has rolled out its mid-roll video ads, while Snapchat and Twitter have been very active in live videos. To solve the mystery of video ad and catch up with the emerging wave of trend, Yeahmobi, along with video ad platform AdColony hosted a seminar recently to explain how mobile video works for marketing purposes.

Yeahamobi’s director of video ad campaign, Maria Xin, summarized four tips for an excellent video ad marketing:


First, know your video platform well, differentiate campaigns cross platform.

Marketers need to know the area you launch your campaigns in and learn the nature and characteristics of local users, in order to decide the format of ads, and launch the most suitable form of campaign.

Secondly, creative is the core competence of a campaign.

Needless to say, creative is the key of click through rate and conversion rate. In a scenario that the unit price is fixed, the more attractive the creative is, the higher the eCPM will be. For instance, video ad for gaming will generate better result when gameplay and outstanding special effects are shown at the same time.

To enrich attractiveness, video ad should pinpoint the most pleasant feature of a game, and the connection it has with audiences. Properly addressed, audiences will pour into downloading. Therefore, Yeahmobi sets up a professional creative optimization team, tailor-making video ad materials to bring up launching result.

Thirdly, you’ll need to formulate different strategies at different stages of campaign.

Marketers should set an alert before holiday and festival period, to remind themselves adding festival elements into creatives, in Christmas, in shopping festival, etc.

Last but not least, setting up user groups, launching different campaigns toward different groups.

Create multiple campaigns, and launch different creative in each campaign to maximize precise reach of targeting users. You may also set up a group with highest eCPM and raise your budget on the group. For example, Yeahmobi once promoted an app into over 100 countries, at first, the creative in use was in English only. After a period of time, report came back and showed that clicks in non-English or English-not-as-the-first-language countries were relatively lower. After optimizing the creative and adding multi-lingual version, CTR at least doubled.

Maria emphasized, “when a seemingly minor element was added into campaign model, conversion rate may raise a mere 5-10%. But after interaction among several elements, the accumulated effect could bring up ROI in one to several folds. So do not ignore the influence a small change could generate. Sometimes it will bring you nearer to your target.”

Yeahmobi is the first in the industry to provide free creative design, producing and optimization. In addition, Yeahmobi’s video platform enables cross-platform campaign launching, in both horizontal and vertical version. Data collected from over a year’s practice on Yeahmobi video platform showed that after Yeahmobi optimization, CTR of video ad reached 22%, 12% higher from the original.