Since the beginning of 2016, India has been repeatedly mentioned in all kinds articles discussing technological development, start-up environment, and VC focus. The whole world has realized the strength of the second-populated and yet-to-be-developed market. The Indian market is like a lot what China has been through over the past three or four years. Now, as China’s biggest intelligent platform for enterprise internationalization, Yeahmobi also attaches huge attention on this promising land. In just a week’s time, Yeahmobi will go to India to attend and co-organize two roadshow trips which showcase what the real start-up environment of India is like. Come with us, or if you prefer to save the trip, stay tuned with us to learn more!!

Chinadia TMT Dialogue Conference

Time: April 30

Address: Leela Hotel, Gurgaon, India

Host: Zhudao Media, Peesh Venture Capital

Supporting party: Embassy of China in India, Ministry of External Affairs of India

Chinadia TMT dialogue conference

Sino-India Investment Roadshow Directing to Internet Business

Time: May 1-5, 2016

Address: Bangalore, India

Host: Onionfans, Yeahmobi

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