GamesBeat Summit organized by tech media VentureBeat was held in Sausalito, California from May 3 to 4. Yeahmobi was invited to the event as golden sponsor. The event is about the global business of gaming. It brought together 180 gaming executives from all segments of the gaming ecosystem to develop a blueprint for the industry’s expansion in 2016 and beyond.


Through years of development, gaming industry is now a huge one. It began from consoles, but now was extended to everywhere, from mobile, virtual reality to augmented reality. These new platforms and gears opens up expansion route and opportunity for game companies. They are constantly energize developers, to make continuous growth in this huge market.

Mobile market alone, was predicted to generate a revenue of a $36.9 billion worldwide this year. A lot of former console manufacturing companies turn to iOS and Android devices, like Nintendo. They have larger potential to engage more audiences. Marvel Entertainment gaming manager Peter Phillips said in the Summit that today, gaming in the Marvel universe is all about mobile end, instead of big-budget console games they did before.

However, as more and more players entering mobile gaming industry, the cost of acquiring user is growing higher. To deal with this, speakers at GamesBeat Summit offered their views. Nexon Chief Executive Officer Owen Mahoney thought rising marketing cost was destroying profit margins. The reason why this happens is because many mobile games are similar. He believed mobile games should not be treated like a commodity, but a piece of art. If publishing companies can make game fun and different, customers will like it without spending too much on differentiate it with others.

Founder of N3twork and Ngmoco Neil Yong was very optimistic on mobile gaming industry. He expected more revenue to be generate this year. He put forward a novel view that instead of spending large amount of acquisition cost, developers should create games that maximize life span, and encourage people to spend. He encourages game makers to use different techniques to get players to spend, like introducing new way of purchase. Through this method, even there is not many people playing, but the average revenue generated per user is increasing.

Samsung is a tech giant in terms of its device, but it also introduces its own Galaxy App store. It announced a scheme “Made for Samsung” to help mobile apps develop, promote and distribute, including products by independent game developers. The program offer faces to contents that can differentiate Samsung’s ecosystem, and gaming is an important part of that, Vice president at emerging platforms at Samsung, Mihai Pohontu said.


Yeahmobi has also paid large attention on help developers solving the problem of high acquisition cost. We promise that developers only need to focus on their products, and Yeahmobi will help do the others. From earlier this year, Yeahmobi introduced Cost-effective Campaign which aims to increase app installs with lower amount of marketing spend.

The secret is to use different marketing campaigns flexibly through the entire process. When a new app lands in app store and starts promotion at the very beginning, developer should choose a CPI mode, to ensure promotion focuses on app installs. After app being successfully installed in users’ smartphones, CPA model will be the most economical choice to facilitate activation and registration process. As the app successfully grasps users, developers could continue with a CPS campaign, to nurture users’ behavior of purchase in app. After the whole process, developers will see a guaranteed ROI.