Since the beginning of 2016, India has been repeatedly mentioned in all kinds of articles discussing technological development, start-up environment, and VC focus. The whole world has realized the strength of the second-populated and yet-to-be-developed market. VCs are looking to latch on to the opportunities in the India startup space. Two investment-related events were held recently to showcase what the investment environment of India is really like.

The first one is Chindia TMT Dialogue Conference held on May 30. The event is to “Connect the top rising economics, inspiring the future world”. It was supported by Chinese Embassy in India, and Foreign Investment Administration of Ministry of India. Government support obviously highlights the depth of the event. Other attendees included senior managers from Alibaba, SnapDeal, PayTM, Xiaomi, SHAREit, UC and so on, and VCs like Sequoia, Lightspeed, Bertelsmann India, Fosun, and Heli.

Chief Business Officer of Yeahmobi, Sun Han was invited to the event (middle)

The participants shared their thoughts on investment future of India, and cooperation and development of Chinese and Indian Internet industry. Mobile marketing service provider Yeahmobi was invited to the event. Its Chief Business Officer in India, Sun Han said, “India is a fascinating place to learn from and communicate with. We need to penetrate into the India market, to work with local people, and to learn from our local partners, in order to truly understand it and conduct business there”.

Localization was believed to be a key issue companies entering India should consider first. The Indian market has its unique features, like multi-lingual factor, complicated religious communities, distinctive lifestyle, and relatively underdeveloped infrastructure. However, the market did show great potential on ecommerce, online payment, cloud service and so on, which are fields VCs are eager to latch on to.

The second event is a series of Investment Roadshow co-organized by Yeahmobi and Indian tech media Onionfans starting from May 1. The event introduced Chinese investors to Indian start-ups.

Startup company presenting business to potential investors

Startup company preparing for presentation


According to Global Economic Conditions Survey, though world economy seemed to gloom, investment in South Asia did not slow down. Some statistics show that the least number of companies in South Asia cut back capital expenditure. On the contrary, it had the second largest number of companies increasing their expenditure, right after North America.

paytm总裁Mr. Bhushan为中国投资者介绍印度投资机会
CEO of Paytm Mr.Bhushan introduced investment opportunities in India to Chinese investors.



Some representatives from Chinese VCs also showed faith on Indian start-up economy. CEO of Incapital, Xiang Jianbiao said, in his view, Indian Internet businesses stand a great chance, as they generally have International vision and do not have language barrier in international expansion as Chinese companies have. This will be a huge strengthen in accelerated development stage.

Start-ups from online healthcare, ecommerce, utility, socializing, and cloud service won the most attention. One of the ecommerce platform reached initial funding agreement with investor right after presentation.

Director of investment of Yeahmobi, Huang Shuozi shared thoughts on cross-border investment practices.

Yeahmobi Indian team and startup representative

For Yeahmobi, India has always been an important foreign market. Yeahmobi has maintained good cooperation relationship with SnapDeal, Quikr, Paytm, MobiWwik and so on. After listing in NEEQ stock market of China in 2016, Yeahmobi further enlarged investment in India, and began its new initiative to help Chinese enterprises with their international expansion. The presence in the India investment events was also a move to connect its clients with future market. It plans to bring outstanding products, service, advanced business model, and also capital from China to India.