Chinese National Tv Interviewed Yeahmobi CEO On View About Chinese Mobile MarketAs a fast growing market place, China has long been in the spotlight of world businesses. The vast land used to be an important producing place of mobile hardware, but now more and more comments view China as birth place of mobile innovation. Chinese national TV channel, CCTV News interviewed several entrepreneurs in mobile business field to know more about their views on this development in Chinese market.

It is said in the program that China homes over 500 million smart phone users, and over half of them spend over five hours daily on their phones. For some people, the number is intimidating, while for app developers, it should be a great inspiration.

Peter Zou, one of the founders and current CEO of Yeahmobi, is the one with vision to see the future of mobile. When everyone was talking about mobile but no one acted, Peter took the risk of cutting other businesses of his start-up company and focused on mobile market.

Only five years later, Yeahmobi has already became one of the biggest mobile marketing companies in the world. It connects Chinese companies with overseas market, and also introduces overseas companies to enter China. More importantly, it connects app developers with their potential customers and with ways of monetizing their products.

In the interview, in terms of marketing apps, Peter said, “If you have one really good product, and the product can really give the users benefits, we can very quickly expand the product to the global market. We can let all publishers in the world benefit your business model, your innovation.”

Peter also emphasize that innovation is not to adopt a successful business model, but to break through, and really keep users’ benefits in mind. He has the confidence that more and more top 10 apps in market will come from China and Chinese companies will gain a place in world market.