dsp%e8%b5%a0%e9%80%81%e6%b4%bb%e5%8a%a8-%e8%8b%b1%e6%96%871008Yeahmobi’s DSP has recently updated to add more features, and a new reporting system to better serve advertisers, and realize clear and easy management of campaigns. The new DSP now offer discounts when user recharges or spends, a good opportunity to conduct campaigns with an even lower rate!

The new DSP is a self-service mobile marketing platform that meets the needs of advertisers through real-time bidding. It integrates 20 premium traffic sources, including mopub, Smaato, Mobfox, Adzmedia, MMG, Adacts and so on, and reaches more than 20 million daily impressions on mobile all over the world.

With the top-notch traffic sources comes exhaustive functions: region, wifi/234G setting, classification, OS, brand of device, type of device, browser, launching time, IP segment, site daily budget, campaign daily budget, overall budget, frequency control and many more.

Now, for newly registered users, when recharging certain amount, Yeahmobi DSP will give out $100 to 8% of amount recharged as bonus.

Recharge amount Bonus
$500 – $1999 $100
$2000 – $7999 6% of amount recharged
Above $8000 8% of amount recharged

Also, for friends who are using Yeahmobi DSP, the new platform will offer rebate after spending. The amount will be returned to client account directly.

Monthly spending Rebate
$50000 – $100000 5%
$100000 – $200000 7%
Above $200000 8%

For more details, or register with Yeahmobi, please contact yeahmobi_dsp@yeahmobi.com.

If you have already registered, log in here http://prime.yeahmobi.com/